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There’s Been a Major Disturbance in The Force

Ewww..! There’s been a major disturbance in the force at East Vic Park.

Just look at this chart. Look at it!

I don’t have time for this! What I like is predictable and even behaviour.

Look at Sunday, 24 November. Why on heck was there 4,008 pedestrian movements?

This is way above the average for all other Sundays. Why? What’s going on there? Was there a fault with my equipment?

Look at the whole month again, scrambled so the footfall of each day of the week is bundled together:

This is 101% more than the usual Sunday average of 1,991.

But don’t worry, I think I’ve worked it out. This counter is too close to Baskin Robbins, an ice-cream shop. As our Summer bleeds-in, we are getting huge, Sunday, ice-cream traffic. Problem? No.

Yes. We need counters that are representative of the community-activity good for all businesses in the street. Solution? This counter could be re-located further toward the centre of the precinct where specialised business aren’t dictating the trends for the whole counter.

By why should we? It’s not Baskin Robbins fault they provide a delicious pick-me-up to so many people. And this data is representative of people on the street. So deal with it.

In fact, I think this huge, fat Sunday is representative of a change we won’t see at our other counters – and that is because of ice-cream, because of Baskin Robbins, and because of what they can attract.

We will see foot traffic heft upwards here.

The stinking heat at other locations is keeping foot traffic stable, despite the ‘holiday season’, merry weather and all that.

So, let’s look and see, shall we? 



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