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If you are a Victoria Park person – or even if you’re not – this may interest you.

We (me and the Town of Victoria Park) have been thermal-counting people since July 2013.

We’ve been counting in Albany Highway, East Victoria Park (near Baskin Robbins).

And Albany Highway, Victoria Park (at Kabuki Japanese Restaurant).

These remarkable devices read body heat from people passing below them.

All that data is sent to me via the internet, and I translate it into data visualisations.

You can enjoy these in the formal reporting I provide each month.

There’s no secrets; these are to be retweeted, Facebooked, argued about and emailed around town.

The intent is to monitor footfall over time (is it rising or falling?).

That’s important.

Secondly, this data arrests the reader who’s looking for a community to express themselves in – hopefully as an interesting social entrepreneur with retail on their mind.

Bring them in.

We don’t want vacant shops. We want really great social entrepreneurs filling them up and creating a vibrant economy.

Go on and get your report here – and tweet it, Facebook it and share it with your neighbours.

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