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‘When the world is grey and the feeling is lonely, you can always go … downtown’

Or so the famous song nearly went per batch file. But check this out.

Why isn’t the world paying attention (to me, mainly)? Hot shopfronts are where it’s at. They make streets tolerable, walkable … and that means you meet more people and have more friends, which means you will die later trailer for free.

So suck up all your taxes donated throughout your lifetime by hanging around a longer, have more lovers, and get off on shopfronts in the meantime ios spiele gratis downloaden.

Above: Mariana Hardwick Flagship Store, Hardwick Bulding, 459 Sydney Road, Brunswick, Australia.

Above: Olive Grove Studios, 159 Sydney Road, Brunswick. Noice.

Alas: Sydney Road, Brunswick, Australia.

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