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I (we) are pleased to announce that Stephen Goode, Brian Kavanagh, Ashley Edwards and the team at the Town of Claremont have engaged A Beautiful City to provide their people counting services.

The Town of Claremont’s main drag is Bay View Terrace which is a beautiful row of about 50 retail shops.

Did you know that retail rents in Bay View Terrace are among the highest in the country?

We will be installing two pedestrian counters in Bay View Terrace.

In fact, the first one is already in.  With the cooperation of David Johns, Megan and Caroline at Empire Homewares, plus the landlords – the Deveroux family – we have been counting people at their location since Friday 12 July this year.

Our second counter will be installed shortly and I will update you soon.

Below: Our people counter installation at Empire Homewares, 12 Bay View Terrace, Claremont, Australia, plus: Super-Chubbs fraternising with the locals at Claremont News.

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