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This Is How The Private Sector Pays For Community Development

You’re at a street. You see something new.

You cross the road.

An old service station has been fit out as a cafe. The forecourt has a large, timber deck on it.

The place is packed.

You’re glad your friend recommended this place, and you sit down with him and have a chin-wag.

And, as a bonus, the coffee is excellent.

Along come 2 more chums you haven’t seen in a while. Together, you all hatch new plans for your careers. Away you will go to improve your businesses and households.

The world wins.

And innocently in the background, pedalling away to maintain all this community, is Place.

And that place is made and maintained by Johnny Retailer.

*           *           *

Retailers fund community development.

All the local government has to do it curate it.

Never wait for your place to populated by the best retailers. Go out and hunt them down.

They are the place managers who drive  community building at no cost to you, the local government.

Cash, talent, design, resources, risk – it’s all handled by your local independant retailer.

Roasting Warehouse, 312 South Terrace, South Fremantle, Australia

Di Bella Coffee Roasting Warehouse on Urbanspoon



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