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Hi.  I’m starting a new series to demonstrate HEIGHT and LIGHT.

It’s simple … it rhymes …

I want to explore how these two elements improve community and economy.

My hunches are:

  • Tallness is critical!  That is, tallness of each floor or level, meaning: high ceilings.  High ceilings are parlance in residential real estate to denote value.  Statements like ’12 foot ceilings’, ’14 foot ceilings’ in real estate advertisements are used to show off a rare attribute in residential buildings.
  • LIGHT is a result of the first.  But smart architects have always exploited available light to excite people AND THAT’S WHAT IT’S ALL ABOUT if we want people to come to our cites.

The below building also demonstrates how light is reflected around a city.

Fremantle Town Hall, Kings Square, Fremantle, Australia

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