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This is another new segment which highlights the physical work done in and around our mainstreets.  I wanted to highlight this as it is becoming rarer to see people physically at work in the city, using their hands.

This was brought to my attention as I was watching the film Julie and Julia, which juxtaposes two eras: New York in the 2000’s and Paris in the 1940’s.  The film was about foodies.

The 1920’s Paris scenes were full of butchers, fruiterers and other professionals directly engaging with us on the high street.

These images show that workers for children to look up to is no longer inside the shops so much – it’s in maintenance of shops.  It’s still wonderful and there to be enjoyed.

Enjoy …

Prosser and Scott Funeral Directors, 37 Adelaide Street, Fremantle, Australia.

More men at work, maintaining mainstreets?

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