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Sickening Level Of Prizes, Awards

It’s horrible how fame changes people. Me, after an initial cruise, paying off my mothers mortgage, a sausage sizzle for my football team and a polished blue Maloo – and perhaps a yellow lawn, will endeavour to politely lose it all in a spree at Adventure World and a tattoo of a Chiko Roll on my tummy, then assume my intelligible role, undercover, in the median-strip of society.

Here is an example of the sickening level of prizes and awards that I have to cope with now.

I am now on it: Place Making Leadership Council

Nominee, or something: Best Australian Best Blogs 2014

New gig: place measurement services for City of Nedlands 

New gig: business liason services for Town of Victoria Park


Tweeters: 455

Facebookers: Some

LinkedIn: Millions

Pinterest: 97 girls

Google+: Has anyone worked this out yet?

You Tube: A mess for me so far

All of these will be reserved for greater milking in subsequent posts to make my fall even greater, and Bounty’s Revenge sweeter.



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