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Oh, well.  It didn’t work out.

Never mind.

Prior to the Grand Final Fremantle had uniformly ridden a wave of gentle excitement, expressing itself in purple shopfronts and lots else.  There was no need to wait for ‘fair weather’ for this to happen.  You’ve always had a football team – a purple one – and each September there’s footy finals, enthralling the nation no matter who plays.

Be a good loser.  Show your purple shopfronts not only because you want to be at the winners side but because you support Fremantle, football, and have a story to tell of support (for the players right now)  rain, hail or shine.

Having a football team, even a losing one, is an asset.  You – unlike other places – can celebrate September and the AFL calender and get the best reaction in your region.

Retailers and shopfronts lead the conversation in the minds of the pedestrian so show of your assets en masse often and not just when a pot of gold is thrown at your feet.  The visitor needs that distinct and local story to generate loyalty to your precinct.

Above: After the game.  Wilson Carpark, old ‘Gas and Coke’ site, corner of Queen and Cantonment Streets, Fremantle, Australia.

Below: St John Ambulance, corner of Market and High Streets, Fremantle.  I have never, ever, seen an ambulance change it’s livery.

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