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4 Reasons Why You Should Attract Independent Retail To Your City

When you’re new in a city the first people to treat you well, like you’re not a stranger, are the merchants.

Repeat a visit to a restaurant and small nods of nourishing acknowledgement go your way. 

This is the building of a relationship which, in-turn, builds your society.

Attract independant retailers to your city for quality contact that:

  1. Builds your community quicker.
  2. Gives it more locally-distinct flavour or character.
  3. Makes your city more diverse, as the difficult-to-replicate, place-based and distinct roots of the independent retailer also attracts a customer- and residential-base which is diverse itself.
  4. Makes your city more resilient as the city is filled with thousands of invisible personal networks which constantly generate collaboratition and innovation.

To the visitor, to the consumer, a smile is better if it’s warmer.

We often forget that independent retailers have the warmest smiles.

And an independent retailer’s smile builds your society fastest and best.

Below: Her Message Clothing & Shoes, Old Theatre Lane, 50 Bay View Terrace, Claremont, Australia.



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