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Stunning French Buildings?

I have been racking my brain, trying to work out what it is within this city that I respond to so strongly.  I think I am going to create some new categories to help me:

  • residential,
  • colour,
  • architecture (or something) and
  • decoration.

We all argue about quaint or quirky villages, and we’d probably both agree that Hanoi has this appeal – I mean, just look at it.

But what is it exactly?  We want to replicate, and not waste time with junky buildings, so what is it about these that is so fantastic?

I have already created a skinny column, so you can check that out.

I just want to post these, and I’m sure I’ll work out what the magic charm is soon.

In the meantime, I distill it to this:

  • Colour – and the right colours.  Unfortunately, beautiful patina requires an age to appear (or does it?)
  • Shape/Form/Decoration/Texture:  Buildings have hundreds of shapes.  For some reason, some cities shows off thousand of edges and walls and window sills and forms.  We all know a huge clunky building has one massive wall and a little bit more.

I guess I am appreciating ‘detail’ but I want to find out the detail of the detail.





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