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This is Lam,  He is the co-owner of Ying & Yang Restaurant at 78 Ma May in Hanoi, Vietnam redstone bunker.

  • The restaurant is about 100sqm
  • He pays about $48,000 USD per annum in rent, including outgoings
  • It is 54 seats
  • At the time of my visit, guess how many staff were on, in the restaurant – serving at that time?  20
  • There is no minimum wage – staff are paid via negotiation
  • Rubbish is ejected out the front and plonked on the road in bags.  The walking bin cart picks it up each night at about 10pm and loads it into a bigger, waiting truck.  This is paid for by the local government
  • The time I was in, the restaurant was packed, yet this only generates, apparently, three medium sized bags of waste per day
  • Cardboard, bottles and plastics are stored on site and traded or picked up by an intermediary who takes them to a bigger recycling depot
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