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This blog is a ‘vibrancy’ fetishist’s digital lozenger, there to suck when city management leaves you in despair – and this can often be about car oriented development ruining streets for children, wrecking walkability and then, gradually, the community and the economy.

Jeremy Clarkson himself has said that if cars were invented today that they could never pass the health and safety standard – they kill, crash, emit gas and do other bad things. 

And with this he did declare something suprising, which I will paraphrase here and claim as my own.

Cars are doomed.

Society is clamping down on car use like they did with smoking.  Cars are becoming expensive to run, ostracised from the roads and will generally, one day, become passe.

But not cool cars.

And here’s why.

Once upon a time major cities were clogged with horses.  Their poo-poo alone was a menace.  Many piles of it drowned innocent babies.

When the horses died on the street – which they did a lot – they were left to putrefy so lean people could pull them apart and drag them away for future use.

And there’s more.

The iron hoofed horses and their iron rimmed wheels made such a din that conversation in the street was scarcely possible.

If you’ve ever been to a farm and smelled one horse you may have thought it was quite cool.

But you were wrong.  Take 50,000 of them and put them in your city without grass but with roads which don’t absorb all their loping wee-wees and their poo and you will exclaim.

So what does this prove?

Well, it proves that the invention of the motor car was the environmental and public health Superman of it’s day.

So, what happened to to all the horses?

They became an expensive hobby and were brushed and groomed and sometimes taken out of their garages for a ride.

And when the new environmental Superman rescues our cities cars will become expensive hobbies too, for the well-off to enjoy occasionally.

Chrsyler Lancer at 18 High Street Fremantle, Australia

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