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This gives an idea of how tall the shop is.  Look at the people.  I’ve got a special tool that measures things such this and can tell you that this shop is 4.59m high to the top of the clapboard (15′ 1″).

Yes, this is better than a scungy little shop.  It lets in more light and just looks better.

Its a hard decision to make, but this shopping centre owner, this community, this local government made the right one.  The centre will have a longer life because the centre will be attractive to more people for longer.  This means its more sustainable and also becomes a more permanent part of the community.

Why do people prefer tall shops?  The same reason why a cathedral is tall and your attic is not, perhaps.

A courageous decision was made by the shopping centre owner and the Town of Claremont.  Congratu-bloody-lations.

Seed, Claremont Quarter Shopping Centre, Bay View Terrace, Claremont, Australia

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