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Bike lanes are a great idea but more management is required to address the lack of respect shown to this part of our city by drivers.

What do you think about Rumble Strips on the dividing line between bike lane and road?

Rumble Strips are the duggada-duggada lines you hear when you veer out of lane on the highway.

Unfortunately, though, the traffic boffins have told us that rumble strips are a hazard to cyclists …

When they’re wet, or even if they’re not, the bicycles can slip and slide on them.

Let’s take management of bicycle lanes seriously or, perhaps, cyclists won’t use them and their investment will be under-realised …

So what’s my solution?

I think very short rumble strips of a couple of metres could be trialled in areas where cars lazily cross the line.  This happens on bends and traffic lights mainly.

Alternatively or additionally, a big painted bike in the bike lane, maybe with an exclamation mark, will help the driver to understand that these areas are sacred.

Marmion Street, near corner Stock Road, in Palmyra, Australia

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