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Order is restored

This is a bit of a sensitive post but I thought I would write it as a guide for cities.

Last night I was on a rooftop bar in Fremantle – as you do – slopping it up with the beautiful people, when we noticed a bloke sleeping on the bench across the road.

Unfortunately he slid off the bench and stayed there, much to whooping joys of the bunch sitting next to us.  What did I do?  I reached into my pocket and called our local Safety and Liaison Team – an idea pinched straight from shopping centres.

They are employed by the local government and they act similarly to a security officer in a shopping centre.  In our city, they are proactive and are excellent at relationship building, walking the street, talking and sharing with the retailers in the CBD.

They were familiar with this guy when I called them and they were there within minutes.  They roused him, helped him, helped him walk off to someone to get help, they poured his grog out and put the bottle in the bin.  Perfect.

Order is restored on the bench, corner of Essex Street and South Terrace, Fremantle, Australia




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