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Great news!  Fremantle is the cultural centre of the earth, OK?  It just is, so shut up rocket leagueen op pc.

I went to the opening of We Don’t Need a Map last night at the Fremantle Arts Centre and I can tell you now that you could go to New York, London, Berlin, Paris or Beeliar and you will never see an equal community, cultural and economic buzz at any similar event, ever.  So just get over that download calendar for free german.

It’s tiring to hear that almost wherever you are in Australia that other major cities provide superior cultural entertainment.  Not true if you’re at the Fremantle Arts Centre.  The FAC attracts the right people you need in a city centre: well educated, sharp witted, independent, mobile, well dressed, don’t smell bad rennspiele windows 10 kostenlosen.

The rule of good shopping centre management is when you are on to a winner, you prod it into cell-division so its good seed is spread to needy areas.  FAC is so well run and managed that its got me to thinking about one of My Ideas That No One Will Do – FAC needs to be in the centre of Kings Square vpn hhu herunterladen.

If a new Kings Square library could incorporate a multi-use, 2,000sqm metre facility managed like the arts centre you are inserting exactly what is needed for Fremantle’s city centre: Style.

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