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Fish becoming common in the bush

We used to have pet shops in town – in cities, in the walkable catchments near our homes, services and other businesses – and that’s the way a lot of cities want to keep it.

Really, deep down inside, many, many city planners, bureaucrats and elected people want a rich, diverse and walkable parade of retail and professional services in the centre of the city.

It’s very doable and I’m sure they’ll get what they want.

Today I went shopping at Perth Aquariums & Display Centre.  It’s a great place.

Unfortunately, it’s in the middle of the bush so that involved driving to Booragoon.  I would have walked but given the heat I would have melted two pairs of shoes to get there.

Perth Aquariums is in an industrial zone – or a former industrial zone, I don’t know – some boffin from the City of Melville will tell me…

However, what’s happening is that general retail is slipping into industrial areas because planners are being a bit ‘cool’ about permissions.  The City of Melville may want it that way and may have a planning scheme that reflects that – it didn’t last time I looked, though.  Should Perth Aquariums have the advantage of cheaper rent and carparking over pet shops in city centres that are building the dream-city of diversity that everybody wants?  No.




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