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There’s an elephant in the room.

It’s the absence of data on how many people are using our city centres.

Every city wants more foot traffic in their commercial districts.

So I have stolen secrets shopping centres have been using for years – secrets used to steal business (and businesses) away from city centres.

And I’m pleased to launch a service to cities which uses secret technology so they can steal them back.

Just like shopping centres have always done, cities can now measure foot traffic with accurate and discrete people counting technology.

Now cities can really focus their efforts to attract shoppers and businesses.  And make their cities vibrant quicker.

That’s why I’m launching the world’s best people counting service with the below video.

Thank you.

Filmed on location in Fremantle, Australia – Melbourne, Australia and Kuala Lumpur.

Music pinched from Bridget Jones’ Diary – ‘It’s Only A Diary’.

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