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I write the Cool Cars … column because of something I heard by James May herunterladen.

James May is one third of Top Gear.  He said that one day cars will be mainly recreational.

There will be less of them on the roads.  And like horses, they will be only maintained as an expensive hobby play store chip herunterladen.

Horses used to be mass transport too.  Now they are for people with the money and passion for recreational riding and racing.

James May thinks cars will go that way one day soon youtube videos für whatsapp herunterladen.

As that day comes the cars that will remain will be those that are beautiful and can be loved.

Cars will still be around a long time.

They still bring people – which is foot traffic.  And beautiful cars give people already in town something unique to look at wie kann man sich mods für minecraften.

That’s makes them like your town more.  And brings them back.

So whilst cars are still with us lets treat the coolest ones well videoen van nickelodeon.

It actually increases foot traffic.

Above photo: Citroen DS at Unique Hair & Beauty, 76 High Street, Fremantle, Australia

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