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Retailers provide much more than the exchange of goods and services.

The best ones engage the community.

This brings the community into the city more often and this increases foot traffic.

Once upon a time retail was a craftsperson with a shop.

They wore aprons because they were busy with their hands creating things to sell.  

Seeing a retailer using their hands is getting rarer.

This retailer has done the right thing.

They’re surveilling the street.  They’re providing a living window.

This lady is my new friend.  A champion.

People aren’t fussy.  They will come to town if lots of little things are done well.

So retailers: Your job is not just to tend the till for a transaction.  Keep things interesting by letting people see you work.  Show that you’re a part of the working community too.

This photos: Brown Gouge Dry Cleaners, 267 Lygon Street, Carlton, Australia

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