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In the news this week we heard that liquor stores and other alcohol based outlets in some communities will face further restrictions on their packaging and trading hours.

The restrictions were announced to address high levels of foetal alcohol spectrum disorder in these communities.

Feotal alcohol spectrum disorder is a form of child abuse caused by heavy intake of alcohol by the pregnant mother.  It results in permanent brain impairment to the unborn child.

One business leader was quoted as saying that the restrictions go ‘too far’ and that they ‘punish, ordinary law-abiding people’.

Does this truly address the community and economic development of the region?

I am sure that Australia’s major retailers, let’s say, Coles and Woolworths – who have between them the liquor brands BWS (beer, wine, spirits), Dan Murphys, Liquorland, Vintage Cellars, First Choice Liquor Superstores, Coles Hotels and in the case of Woolworths, 75% of ALH Group – the hotel and poker machine operators – would be happy to contact their local Chamber of Commerce heads and tell them that they fully support community-led drives to eradicate feoetal alcohol spectrum disorder.

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