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The real stories of our clothes

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This is a new segment which gives us a real insight into where people go to get their clothes whatsapp bild herunterladen virus.

So if you look magnificent you will be targeted.  And thank you for those people participating who filled in the details.  🙂

Top:  $8 Salvos, Fremantle

Skirt: $200, Alannah Hill, Claremont

Shoes: $150, Doc Martens, online

Socks: $3, Target, Fremantle

Belt: free, hand-me-down from Mum

Earrings: $80, Martumili Artists, Newman

Watch: Gift from Smales, Subiaco

Emilia in Merenda Gallery, Fremantle, Australia, at the launch of the Fremantle Central Business District marketing prospectus videos from the internet.

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