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Another Stunning Hanoian Streetscene

I have written earlier about my attraction to this city and these types of scenes.  I am still wrestling with the simple words that explain why schachmatt download for free.

Building widths, from left to right: 2.89m, 2.37m 2.41m, 3.04m (9’6″, 7’9″, 7’10”, 10′)

I think it’s interesting how colours are all from the same palette.  They’re similar, but different lebenslauf herunterladen xing.

Worth noting that texture and materials play a role, I think.  Paint (not sure what sort it is) on plaster gives this sensational finish download the roblox game.

All good, but perhaps unrealstic to replicate in my city?  Mainteance costs (plaster!) can be a killer.

Above: Nguyen Sieu, Hanoi, Vietnam.

Below: To the far left of the picture you can see a side-by-side comparison of the new vs the old.



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