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Preventable Business Destruction

Above: We sometimes permit ‘the community’ to it’s ‘free expression’ and forget it sometimes results in community destruction skype herunterladen iphone.

In this circumstance, someone has fly-posted their message using glue. This poster will not come off easily and the glue disfigures the wall of the business free spider solitaire download kostenlos.

This sends an unwanted message to customers that the business does not care about the area. And if this is the case, why would the customers come back here downloaden macbook air?

So the business must then rectify. This costs money, staff time and management time, which should be spent in increasing community participation, not remedying destruction audio recorder kostenlos herunterladen.

Should local governments step up and spearhead legislation (if need be) which makes the promoter and then the venue responsible for this kind of damage?

Sienna’s of Leederville, 115 Oxford Street, Leederville, Australia



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