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Good Shop Bad Shop 1

This is a new segment aimed at illustrating the creative efforts retailers make for business improvement in their area herunterladen.

These people need to be congratulated for enhancing their communities.

This segment also shames retailers who are slack, under prepared, careless or neglectful adobe photoshop elements 8 kostenlosen.

They undermine the work of others and puts the people in the community at a disadvantage.

They are delaying the economic and community development that brilliant retail streets provide geräusche gratisen.

*           *           *

Kudos to Lorna Jane.  Avoiding signage-policy hassles with the government and preventing the cluttering of the sidewalk – you have created something which can be tested, removed, improved, and varied at short notice störung beim herunterladen fehler 12.

It’s also immediate and unique, sets the floor staff to work on something risky and creative each day, and is interesting to customers …

On the other hand …

Their neighbour is guilty of coming into the shop through the back door…

And opening the shop without stepping outside …

And missing last night’s beer bottle in the doorway winrar gratis downloaden nederlands!

Below: Photos taken at 10.45am

Not only that …

You are guilty of not stepping outside the shop all day!

Below: This photo taken at 1.25pm



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